Quilts, Wallhangings, Etc - CLASS 34A


Contact:  Wendy



1st $10 Cash  
2nd $5 Cash  
3rd $4 Cash  
Champion Machine Quited Quilt $10 Gift Card  
Section 1-9 Most Points $10 Cash

Donated by

Norma Gilmour

 Section 13-19 Most Points  $10 Gift Card  
Special for Champion Hand Quilted  Quilt $15

Donated by

Norma Gilmour

Section 20 - 31 Most Points  $10 Gift Card  
Viewers Choice (All of Class 34A) Quilters 9-Patch Gift  
Most Points (All of Class 34A) Fabricland Gift Card  


Machine Quilting - Home Domestic (NOT Long Arm)

1) Quilt, Machine Applique, Machine Quilted  
2) Quilt Machine Pieced, Quilted  
3) Machine Quilt, My First Quilt, Beginners  
4) Crib Quilt, Pre Printed Panel  
5) Crib Quilt, Pieced  
6) Wall Hanging  
7) Table Runner OR Topper  
8) Sampler Quilt, Each Block Different  
9) Unique And Beyond, Your New Twist On An Old Pattern OR A Totally New Design Larger Than 140" Perimeter  


 Long Arm Quilting - Solely By Exhibitor:

10) Pieced Quilt   
11) Appliqued Quilt  
12) Crib Quilt   


Hand Quilting - All Visible Stitching By Hand 

 13) Crib Quilt - Pre Printed  
 14) Crib Quilt Pieced  
 15) Quilt Pieced  
 17) Quilt Hand Applique  
 18) Quilt Whole Cloth  
 19) My First Quilt   


Other Quilts

20) Embellished Quilt  
21) 2 Placemats  
22) Quilt Top Unfinished   
23) Tied Quilt  
24) Miniature Quilt   
25) Tag Team Quilt   
26) Two Blocks  
27) Wearable Art   
28) Pictoral Landscape Quilt  
29) Quilt As You Go  
30) Lap Quilt  
31) Wall Hanging under 100"  
33) Heritage Quilt - over 50 years old  
34) Quilt Block Challenge  


Rules & Regulations

  • Machine and Hand Quilts or Wall Hangings of the right size are eligible for the O.A.A.S Championship Quilt Contest.
  • Eligible Quilts MUST be made solely by the exhibitor (you)
  • The Champion Quilt is to be at least 324" (will be messured on perimeter) to see if eligible to compete at the Distric 7 Level
  • If a winner goes to competition at the Ontario Agricultural Societies Covention and is a winner at that event they will receive a prize of $500 from the O.A.A.S 
  • Your Quilt(s) will be retured to you following the convention.