Junior Exhibit - 39

1st $5 Cash
2nd  $4 Cash
3rd $3 Cash
4th $2 Cash
5th $2 Cash
6th $1 Cash
7th $1 Cash
8th $1 Cash
Most points in Class 39 PRIMARY  
1st $10 Cash
2nd  $8 Cash
3rd $5 Cash

Most points in Class 39 JUNIOR



$10 Cash


$8 Cash


$5 Cash

Most points in class 39 Senior



$10 Cash


$8 Cash


$5 Cash


Primary Junior - Ages 6 - 8:

1) A Pencil/Crayon Drawing of 3 Carrots With Tops (28 X 22 cm)

Sponsored by: Puslinchtoday.ca

2) Using Paper, Pencils & Crayons Trace Your Hand & Create A Flower Person ( 28 X 22 cm)  
3) Trace Your Hand & Print Family Members First Names On Each Finger ( 28 X 22cm)  
4) Design You Own Turtle Using Plasticine (Display on a 15 cm plate)  
5) One Lilac Spray With Stem Made From Tissue Paper (Display on a 15 cm plate)  
6) A Footwear Themed Bookmark  
7) Using The Letter R Fill The Insides Of The Letter With Pictures of Roots  
8) A Paper Bag Sheep (Lunch Bag Sized)  
9) Using Magic Marker Create A New Style Of Shoe  
10) Show The Difference Between Spring and Winter Boots Using ANY medium (28 X 22cm)  
11) A Dot Art Picture (28 X 22 cm)  
12) Special: Create A Fantasy Animal Using Vegetables From A Flyer 

Sponsored by: Margaret Paddock

13) Any Hobby NOT previously mentioned GIRLS 6- 8 years old  
14) Any Hobby NOT previously mentioned BOYS 6-8 years old  



Junior - Junior Ages 9 -11:

15) A Dot Picture (22 X 28 cm  
16) Using Pencil/Crayons Draw A Unique Sandal Emoji (14X22 cm)  
17) Using Your First Initial Decorate It Using ANY Medium (22X 28 cm)  
18) Using Pencil/Crayons Create A New Crest For Puslinch Township (22 X 28cm)  
19) Design A Family Tree Using The Ripped Construction Paper Method (First Names Only )  
20) Using ANY Medium Design A Pickleball Jersey For The Puslinch Possums (22 X 28cm)  
21) Create A Thumb Print Anumal (22 X 28 cm)  
22) Write An Illustrated Comic About About Your Favourite Sport (22X 28cm)  
23) Any Hobby NOT Previously Mentioned GIRLS 9 - 11 Years Old  
24) Any Hobby NOT Previously Mentioned BOYS 9- 11 Years Old  


Senior Junior Ages 12 - 16:

25) Write an Illustrated Comic about your favorite sport  
26) Hand lettering/Calligraphy - Write your name in 3 different styles  

27) Special: A Handmade Gift For Someone Special

 Sponsored by: Florence Peer

28) Any Hobby NOT previously listed GIRLS 12- 16 years old  
29) Any Hobby NOT previously listed BOYS 12- 16 years old   


16 & Under:

 30) Design your own paie of boots ANY medium (22X28)  
31) Make something with Lego (under 30 cm)  Sponsored By: Primaris (Cam Tuck)
32) Using pencil crayons design a playground you wish was real (22X28cm)  
33) 3D Plasticine rabbit (15cm plate) Sponsored By: Florance Peer
34) Draw a Puslinch historical building using pencil (22 X28cm)  
35) Create a finger kitted bracelett  
36)Design a T-shirt advertising the Aberfoyle Fall Fair Theme to count (22x28 cm)  
37) Using pencil crayons draw 3 bugs you would find in a vegetable garden  
38) A calming colouring page ANY medium  
39) Using a shoe box fill with 5 non-perishables that can be donated to our local food bank Sponsored by: Primasis (Cam Tuck) All Retained
40) Joan Law's Famous Goofy Chocolate cake  (see instructions below)  Sponsoured by: Friends of 4H 


Section 40 Joan's Famous Goofy Chocolate Cake:

1 1/2 Cups Flour

1 Cup Sugar 

1 Teaspoon Baking Powder

1 Teaspoon Baking Soda

1/2 Teaspoon Salt

3 Tablespoon Cocoa

1 Teaspoon Vanilla

1 Tablespoon Vinegar

5 Tablespoons Melted Butter

1 Cup Lukewarm Coffee


in 8X8 pan put flour, sugar,baking powder, baking soda,salt and cocoa. Mix well. Make 3 holes in the dry ingredients.In one hole add vanilla, in the second add vinegar, and in the third add the melted butter. Pour luke warm coffee all over the rest of ingredients. Stir it all together


Bake at 350 for 30 Minutes


This section is in loving memory of Joan Law whom was a dedicated 4-H leader for over 50 years!


Penmanship Contest:

41) Age 6: Penmanship Printing - Print story 4 lines (story listed below)  
42) Age 7: Penmanship Printing - Print story 4 lines (story listed below)  
43) Age 8: Penmenship Printing - Print story 6 lines (story listed below)  
44) Age 9 Penmanship Printing - Print story 6 lines (story listed below)  
45) Age 10 Penmanship Priting - Write Story 10 lines (story listed below)  
46) Age 11 Penmanship Printing - write story 10 lines (story listed below)  
47) Age 12-13 Penanship Printing - Write story 10 lines (story below)  
48) Age 14 - 16 Penmanship Printing - white story 11 lines   


Penmanship Poem:


The Carriage Shop

by: Paul Ross

Good day, my friends! I've come at last,

And hope when you the Brock Road travel

That fine macadamize and gravel,

At Aberfoyle, you'll surely stop

And come and view my carriage shop.

I'll Make or mend your ploughs and harrows,

Your gigs, your carts, and your wheelbarrows,

And carriages of all descriptions.

In them I'll warrant no deceptions.

And Buggies too, the very best,

There's none can beat them in the west.


RULES & REGULATIONS___________________________________________________________________

  • Exhibitors MUST be 16 years of age or under as of December 31st,2018
  • Print information on entry tags MUST include child's FULL name & current age on the top right hand corner
  • Child's FULL name is required to award children's prizes and  MUST be fastened to ALL Entries 
  • Hobbies MUST NOT be previously listed
  • Prizes are to be picked up at the fair office after 12pm Saturday September 7th,2019
  • Last years winners are not eligible