Horse Shows

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Light House Jumper Show, Beginer Show & Gymkhana


Horse Show Contact:
8 30 AM Entries Taken 
9 AM Saturday Start 
12:30 PM Jumper Division 
Entry Fees:  
Flat Devision  $10 per class
Under 12 Devision $5 per class
Hunter & Jumper Division  $5 per class
Games & Costume Devision $5 per class





1st $20
2nd $15
3rd $10
4th $5



Flat Division 

Start 9AM Sharp 

All Sections - Ribbons 1st-6th place

1. Pleasure Hack Puslinch Residents Only
2. Pleasure Hack Open to all
3. Equitation Under Saddle Open to all


Hunter Division

Starts aprox 10 AM

4. Hunter over 2'0" A.) Hunter Over Fences B) Hunter Equitation Over Fences
5. Hunter over 2'3" A) Hunter Over Fences B) Hunter Equitaion Over Fences
6. Hunter over 2'6" A) Hunter Over Fences B) Hunter Equitation Over Fences 
7. Huner over 2'9" A) Hunter Over Fences B) Hunter Equitation Over Fences


Jumper Division 

Starts aprox 12:30AM

8. Jumper over 0.70m (2'3") A) A Clear Round (timed round) B) Table A (jump off)
9.Jumper over 0.80m (2'6") A) A Clear Round (timed round) B) Table A (jump off)
10. Jokers Wild 0.85M (2'9") MAX Paid Schooling per division $5 MAX 4 rides in ring with coach at a time MAX



Ring 2


1st $7
2nd $6
3rd $5
4th $4
5th $3



12 & Under Division 

11 Am Start 

11. Walk Trot on a Lead Line  
12. Walk Trot   
13. Walk, Trot, Canter  
14. Lead Lineground Pole Course  (can not cross enter)  
15. Ground Pole Course - Walk,Trot  
16. Cross-poles 18 MAX - Walk, Trot, Canter  


Games Division 

aprox 12:30 PM Start

17, Games Division -Lead Line 

A) game 1 TBD 2) game 2 TBD 3) game 3 TBD
18. Games Division - 12 and under       


Costumes Class: Open to all riders

Aprox 1:30PM start 




  • Riders MUST have OEF number and/or show proof of insurance
  • ASTM/SEI/BSI Aproved Helments with saftey harness fastened at all times when mounted.Correct riding attire must be worn under penalty of elimination.
  • Horses/Ponies And Riders may cross enter divisions, EXCEPT section 12. Wal, Trot on enter Ring 1 and Ring 2 except for Games Division and Costume Class
  • No warm up rounds in the ring: a practice fence will be provided
  • No stallions allowed
  • Prizes foe High Points in each division (class 1 not included in calculations).
  • While every precaution is taken, neither the Aberfoyle Agricultural Society nor any of its agents or volunteers can be held responsible for accidents involving horses,rides,spectators or equipment while on the grounds.