Your support is important to us……….

Aberfoyle Agricultural Society 1840 to 2012 was one of the first community organizations in Puslinch, playing a large part in the development of agriculture and improvement of home life, nutrition and education. When more that 80% of the community were involved in agriculture, the annual competitions helped to improve breeds in both livestock and field crops. The Homecraft exhibits were training future homemakers in all the skills needed in a world where, if you didn’t make what you needed at home, you probably did without.

Society has changed, but the skills learned by children and teens, who by doing their very best win ribbons and recognition, and thereby develop skills and self confidence, will always be needed.

All areas of the Fair are available for Sponsorship – your assistance in the support of the following activities, or others, will provide you with recognition from an established public of fair-goers. Even recent residents of the township are here because they are searching for the rural lifestyle, the sense of community which permeates the agricultural community.

Your sponsorship of any of our activities will provide extensive recognition. We have listed a few in this brochure, but any special activity in which you may be interested can be sponsored, and your support will be recognized with signage, announcements, special Thank You in our Fall Fair Prize Book, and a listing on the Sponsors Sign.

The Fall Prize Book is supplied to Puslinch residents and to all previous contributors or entrants, with extra copies at the Township offices, the Library, at the Farmer’s Market and this year on our website.

Aberfoyle Agricultural Society has produced the Aberfoyle Fall Fair since 1840. All our activities, the Fall Fair, the Spring Chicken BBQ and the Tractor Pull are run and operated by volunteers.

Our funds come from municipalities, corporations, local merchants, and residents. We receive some help from government agencies at the provincial and local levels, but we couldn’t do it without your support.

Your contribution will help us to build future farmers and good citizens all while having a good time.

Contact us to arrange your donation.

Bronze Level Support ($100-$249)

Ball Diamond Races Contest and Events: The ball diamond shows the ongoing competitions, races and children’s events. There’s Loonie in the Straw, and all the children’s races available for sponsorship

Fowl & Rabbits, Pet Show: Just after lunch a contest for specialty birds and rabbits, and local children will show their pets, with classes for obedience and costume.
Pedal Tractor Pull: In the afternoon, 4 classes of pedal tractor pullers, children weighing under 85lbs, win trophies. This event is always heavily attended by parents and other children.

Novelty Contests: Since ‘everyone’ knows how simple it is to be a farmer, our novelty contests are held to test just that idea. Nail Hammering, Bale Throwing, and Log Sawing and other competitions are held in the afternoon.

Old MacDonald’s Farm: A hands on chance to meet farm animals up close. This area includes a cow to milk, pigs, goats, chickens, rabbits, sheep ducks, etc.

Silver Level Support ($250-$499)

Sound System Support: We have events happening all over the grounds, and many need speakers and microphones. If you were able to help in this area, our gratitude would be announced every hour.

Homecraft Classes: The Hall is full of work created by our expert crafters including competitions on Baking, Canning, Needlework, Sewing, Fancy Work, Hobbies and Crafts, Art, Photography, and Junior Exhibit and Preschool. This is one of the most visited areas of the Fair with a district-wide reputation for excellence, surpassing that of considerably larger fairs.

Friday Tractor Pull – Single Class: Each class of the local tractor pull is available for Silver Sponsorship. This event draws its own audience of spectators interested in the machinery and the excitement.

Gold Level Support ($500-$999)

Produce and Field Crops Display: All field crops, vegetables, roots, grains, pumpkins and fruit are displayed in the Green Shed. Most people who attend the fair visit this area.
Patio Entertainment: Our Junior Director finds local bands and entertainers who need recognition. Your contribution could be the start of a career for local young entertainers. This is heavily attended by the teen and young adult crowd.
Junior Garden Club Display: A showcase of work accomplished by the children who belong to the Junior Garden Club (open to any local child with room for a garden). There are many different displays including flower arranging, unique vegetables, and vegetable creations.

Livestock Competitions: Occurring near the green sheds, the livestock are an important core of the fair. The Cattle and Sheep classes are hotly contested by our young farmers.

Platinum Level Support ($1000+)

Light Horse and Jumper Show: Held with the assistance of the volunteers of the Guelph Pony Club, children from 9 – 17 show their expertise and balance by their control of their horse or pony.

Heavy Horse Show: Local horse teams and wagons. This highly prestigious event always attracts a large crowd.